Cricket World Cup Winners List All-Time in The History

One of the popular games played and viewed across the globe is cricket, where several eligible teams are selected to play matches against each other to reach the quarter, semi-final and finals. The eleven previous held Cricket World Cups have seen five different teams winning the tournament. Australia has emerged the most successful among them have won five times and also being runner-up for another two times! To know about all the countries who have listed the Cricket world cup winners list.

Cricket World Cup Winners — List

The following are the list of winning countries as well as the runners-up for every Cricket World Cup played until date. There are two versions of World Cup matches that are played these days. The winning list is given below.

2019 Cricket World Cup Winner- England Runner- Up- New Zealand

Cricket World Cup Winners List
Cricket World Cup Winners List

About ODI Winners

Australia is credited with having won the World Cup ODI 5 times during the years 1987, 1999, 2003, 2007 & 2015. West Indies and India have won the cup two times each. One time winning credit is given to Pakistan in 1992 & Sri Lanka in 1996. West Indies won the initial two tournaments in 1975 & 1979.

Three finals were lost by England followed by Sri Lanka and Australia, who lost two times each. West Indies, New Zealand, Pakistan and India became runner-up at one world cup. New Zealand in 2015 became the seventh team to enter the finals. The team that batted first won 7 World Cup finals, while those batting second won 4 World Cup finals. The teams batting first won the first 5 World Cup.

New Zealand and Australia qualified for the WC semi-finals 7 times each. All 7 semi-finals were won by Australia. New Zealand on losing 6 consecutive semi-finals entered the finals in 2015 WC. Pakistan and India qualified 6 times for semifinals and England for 5 times. About nine teams have till date played semifinal matches. Kenya and South Africa also have entered the semifinals but failed to enter the finals. Pakistan and South Africa lost 4 semifinals, while India lost 3.

Four world cups were hosted by England, including the initial 3 & in 1999. India is credited with hosting the cup for three times. As a matter of fact, every test playing nation is credited with co-hosting or hosting the world cup once. All the three hosts, namely, Sri Lanka in 1996, India in 2011 & Australia in 2015 have won the world cup. Australia and India have won the cup on their home soil.

About T20 Winners 

The T20 World cup has been won by England 1st Time, West Indies two times during the year 2012 & 2016. One time winning credit is given to India in 2007, Pakistan in 2009, England in 2010 & Sri Lanka in 2014. It was in South Africa that India won the initial T20 WC. Until date, 6 T20 World Cups have been played and won by 5 different teams.

Sri Lanka emerged runners-up 2 times, while India, England, and Pakistan with one time each. Two world cup finals were won by the teams batting first, while four were won by the team batting second.

Sri Lanka, West Indies, and Pakistan qualified 4 times each for the semifinals, followed by Australia and India for 3 times each.

About both T20 & ODI Winners

4 teams are credited with winning both the format of the game which includes India, Sri Lanka, West Indies, and Pakistan.

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